Energy & Power

Energy & Power
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Pierpont knows energy, whether supporting improvements in safety and availability for our clients in the oil & gas sector, or improving ESG positioning and throughput capabilities in the power & utilities services sectors.

For more than three decades, Pierpont has been at the vanguard of the global energy value chain as industry participants grapple with expansion, change, upheaval, and transition. We understand how vital it is for energy organizations in oil and gas (upstream, midstream, downstream), power, renewables, utilities, grid operations, and the services and technology sectors to consistently articulate thoughtful messages, at the right time, to the right audiences, and in the right venue.

Specifically, we help meet energy and power objectives such as decreased production delays through better internal communications, improved marketing programs that increase return on investment, upgraded company safety through clear plans and training, and high credibility media and public communication of topics such as decreased methane intensity, amount of megawatts, and improved throughput.

Long recognized as an energy public relations and digital branding and marketing powerhouse, our experience provides a deep understanding of the similarities and differentiators that must be understood to help our clients achieve their business objectives such as growth, new business, talent attraction, maintaining a license to operate, crisis communications readiness and improved community relations.

Industry Experience

  • Elevated brand visibility through strategic thought leadership programs for BCG
  • Boosted recruitment for BP Upstream through a successful webcast series
  • Maximized company security through coordinating corporate crisis planning and delivering on-site response for Holly Energy Partners and Sunoco Logistics
  • Improved company information sharing by creating a merger and acquisition communications and integration plan for Halliburton’s acquisition of Pinnacle Technologies
  • Reached key stakeholders and demonstrated industry expertise on social media as a result of creating a LinkedIn thought leadership program for MatthewsDaniel
  • Decreased overall company costs and increased the speed of plant availability by supporting right-of-way acquisition and leading public outreach to elected officials for Magellan Midstream


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