Public Relations

Public Relations
What We Do

Public relations guidance & strategic PR planning to grow & protect brands

Pierpont’s PR and media relations team provides the insights and strategies to build and evolve your brand, position you as a thought leader in your industry and foster relationships with key media influencers and stakeholders.


Positive, wide-reaching coverage can only be achieved through a strong, lasting partnership between your organization and its target media outlets. Our PR team at Pierpont connects you with the appropriate people to increase your brand’s exposure and maximize impactful coverage. We achieve this through targeted outreach to local, regional and national media influencers and journalists. Our team also conducts interactive training activities, such as on-camera simulated media interviews.

Pierpont works with you to cultivate thought leadership campaigns to fit your organizational goals and share your expertise. By producing thorough research and original industry insights, we can establish you and your organization as subject matter experts. We also position our clients for:

  • Speaking and award opportunities that highlight expertise and accomplishments
  • Community engagement with key stakeholders to share organizations’ values and vision
  • Reputation building opportunities to engage key stakeholders with local to global reach

Our team will develop a customized approach that will further your organization’s reputation in today’s polarized climate while maintaining a focus on your specific goals. 

Pierpont serves as advisors to our clients in all capacities, including facilitating the effective two-way communication of your company’s financial operations to shareholders, investors, and other interested parties. Our team also has profound experience advising high-profile clients through the lengthy process of legal disputes.

Public Relations
How We Do It

Proactive & strategic PR plans

By investing time upfront with our clients in discovery and information-gathering sessions, Pierpont’s PR experts can craft proactive and strategic PR plans. This early phase also helps us forge strong partnerships with our clients. 

Through our training programs, we prepare our clients for interviews, develop messaging tailored to your voice and values, and build credibility through clear and captivating communications.

  • Personalized media and presentation training tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Interview training with on-camera, realistic scenarios to build team confidence
  • Messaging development to effectively illustrate your core values in your own voice

Pierpont develops white papers, byline articles and original content the support our PR initiatives on behalf of our clients, especially as we position them as thought leaders.

To better manage our clients’ reputation—in broadcast and print media, as well as online—we rely on the following tactics:

  • Traditional and social media monitoring to keep you informed with relevant industry and competitor news
  • Brand assessments of your digital, community and media presence to identify opportunities and risk
  • Share of voice analysis and research to assess how your reputation measures up to that of competitors

Through the implementation of thoughtful reputation management and media relations strategies, we will help the media, and subsequently your stakeholders, better understand your evolving legal matters. This can include:

  • Content creation and branded design of quarterly and annual earnings announcements
  • Strategic communications via media statements and press releases around active litigation