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In 2015, Shell Chemicals sought to introduce the paints and coatings industry to its innovative gas-to-liquids (GTL) solvent technology–a “green” alternative that can help manufacturers meet both environmental regulations and consumer demand while reducing volatile organic compounds in the paint formulations.


Shell engaged Pierpont, a legacy partner who has supported the energy and petrochemical giant in previous campaigns, to develop a media strategy supporting market entry.


Pierpont collaborated with Shell technical experts to draft several articles, outlining the applications and key advantages of GTL solvents. Specifically, we focused on the message that formulators working with these next-generation GTL solvents can provide enhanced properties to discerning consumers seeking high-performance paints.


Pierpont secured article placements in top trade publications across the globe, including Coatings World, Paints and Coatings Industry, Polymers Paint Color Journal, and Asia Pacific Coatings Journal, resulting in coverage that clearly demonstrated GTL technology’s advantages over traditional, crude oil-derived solvents.