Aramco Services | Expat Recruiting Campaign

Energy & Power, Public Relations

Aramco Services Company (ASC), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, conducts a wide range of services to help Saudi Aramco facilitate the safe and reliable delivery of energy to customers around the globe. One of ASC’s core services is recruiting professionals for careers in Saudi Arabia. The recruiting process, which involves a day-long orientation program hosted by ASC in Houston, needed to be updated.


To more effectively and efficiently convey the career and lifestyle benefits of working for Saudi Aramco.


Pierpont was brought in to refresh and transform ASC’s orientation program into a session that would educate recruits with candor, and leave the recruits and their spouses feeling welcomed, engaged, supported, equipped, and most of all, committed to their decision to join Saudi Aramco. Working with every department involved in the recruiting program, Pierpont researched best practices in expatriate recruiting programs, as well as conducted dozens of interviews with hiring managers, recruiters, executives, and others involved in the recruitment strategy or process.


The result was a new, comprehensive approach to recruiting that not only updated the core presentation but also addressed all candidate touchpoints throughout the process to support the goal of improved candidate retention from initial interest to reporting for work at Saudi Aramco.