Primus Green Energy

Primus Green Energy | New Uses for Flared Gas

Energy & Power, Public Relations

Primus Green Energy, a global leader in the small-scale conversion of natural gas to methanol or gasoline, approached Pierpont to help advance a conversation about alternative solutions to gas flaring. For areas like the Permian Basin in Texas, Eastern Pennsylvania, or Colorado that produce a lot of natural gas as a byproduct of other activity, Primus’s technology could offer a solution to flaring by capturing the gas and turning it into other products like methanol, diesel, and even battery storage, creating economic and environmental benefits.


Pierpont worked with Primus to announce the launch of a front-end engineering and design study of its technology solution located in Texas, which was an important early milestone in the company’s evolution.


As a result of our focused media outreach to energy trade media and regional business media, Pierpont secured coverage in Rigzone and the Midland Reporter-Telegram and opened conversations between Primus Green Energy executives and reporters at the Houston Chronicle, Hart Energy, and American Oil & Gas Reporter.


Primus Green Energy launched in New Jersey, where it continues to operate a demonstration plant, and maintains corporate offices in Houston.