BP | Global Recruitment for an Expanding Brand

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

BP sought to restore its brand and reputation in the marketplace for operational innovation and excellence to drive talent attraction and retention.


As part of the agency’s global objective, Pierpont partnered with BP to develop a 5+ year integrated reputation management and employer branding campaign that utilized proactive media activity, content generation, webcast series, thought leadership surveys, STEM competitions, event activation at the Offshore Technology Conference and speaking engagements.


As a multinational oil and gas behemoth and one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, BP easily stands out from the crowd at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Yet, BP looked to expand its presence beyond suppliers, national oil companies, and the media to reach potential talent and other key influencers.

The “Inside Track” program was created to foster direct engagement between BP and potential recruits, as well as key external influencers and university STEM students and professors. The program included twice-daily sessions with panel presentations, project updates from key executives, and unique networking opportunities with presenters and BP employees. The program generated on-site interest from target groups and garnered media attention.


Amplified the overall rebranding effort and aided in recasting the BP brand among target audiences, including women, veterans, and STEM groups.