BP Upstream | Boosting Recruitment Through a Webcast Series

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing

BP Upstream faced a hiring challenge and needed to recruit 300+ Upstream professionals. Awareness of BP’s revitalized Upstream division was extremely low, with few understanding the new business divisions and what these meant for potential employees. 


Pierpont was tasked with effectively explaining what the Upstream reorganization meant to potential employees and to showcase BP Upstream’s vast experience, in an easy to understand manner, to a global audience.


Pierpont negotiated an exclusive agreement to run the first BP PennWell webcast series, leveraging access to PennWell’s 80,000+ subscribers and delivering a live hour-long webcast to a global audience. Pierpont worked with BP to identify topics, the most suitable speakers and develop the presentations and speaker materials. Then the team developed a go to market and promotional webcast series for a global audience that drove views and applications, for the hiring pipeline.


The webcasts were extremely successful, and garnered recognition across the company, with other divisions soon rolling out similar recruiting webcasts. Some of the key metrics of the program include:

  • Marketed to over 200,000 individuals globally
  • 2,566 individuals registered for the webcast, the highest for any PennWell webcast
  • 777 attended live BP Insider Insights Webcast series from around the world
  • 77 percent of people surveyed would consider a career at BP
Individuals Registered 2566
Attended 777
Surveyed Considered a Career at BP 77%