Crisis Management

Crisis Management Services
What We Do

We protect & enhance our clients’ reputations

Pierpont Communications offers a full range of services designed to defend and enhance your company’s reputation against internal and external threats. Our 30+ years of experience means we have the tools and experts to help protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a challenge to its reputation.


Assessing potential threats to your organization’s reputation and operations ensures an applicable and practical plan.

A comprehensive crisis plan that is pressure-tested with simulations and training builds confidence in your team’s response.

Though a crisis may be temporary, your reputation should last forever. Continued communication and engagement are key to successful recovery from a crisis.

Crisis Management Services
How We Do It

We work to ensure preparedness & confidence in our clients

Our integrated approach to crisis communications and media training is rooted in confidence-building rather than scare tactics, ensuring your team is prepared to respond to reputational threats, issues and crises quickly, confidently and in alignment with your company values.

Pierpont Communications conducts an in-depth examination and analysis of your unique risks and their potential impact to your organization’s reputation or operations.

We work in collaboration with you to design a plan that meets your specific needs and is easy to understand, execute and update.

Through plan presentation, crisis simulation exercises and executive/spokesperson training, Pierpont aims to build confidence before a crisis strikes so that when the time comes, you’re prepared.