LyondellBasell | Managing a Major Website Redesign

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Digital Marketing

LyondellBasell, one of the top global plastics, chemical and refining companies, selected Pierpont to initiate the redesign and content management system (CMS) upgrade of its 2,000 page website.


As part of this process, the LyondellBasell team tasked Pierpont to manage the content strategy scope including sourcing existing and legacy content, mapping the information architecture (IA), and editing and loading website content into the CMS.


Pierpont worked with more than 50 subject matter experts across 14 countries to facilitate the production of content. The primary goal was to ensure all content supported a superior user experience, met the company’s business objectives, and facilitated the most accurate representation of the LyondellBasell brand.


After rigorous project management and coordination among multiple teams, Pierpont successfully migrated and updated all 2,000 pages, managed internal approvals, and uploaded all content into the new CMS, optimized the content for SEO, and checked for quality assurance.