Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail
Industry highlights

Increasing foot traffic and product sales by leveraging research-driven PR and marketing

Today’s consumers expect more from brands and retailers than ever before. They look for a personalized approach when interacting with products and make purchasing decisions on their own unique terms. That’s why Pierpont’s consumer PR and digital marketing strategies are based on company-specific IRI data to help connect with audiences in an authentic way and to drive KPIs, like greater foot traffic, followers, and online transactions.

Our business-to-consumer marketing and PR programs are designed to align with your KPIs—whether that’s driving downloads and website visits, increasing units per transaction, building brand equity, growing sales, fostering greater customer satisfaction for an increased net promoter score, and more.

From launching new retail stores and increasing brand awareness through multi-channel campaigns to building consumer advocates, Pierpont has supported local, regional and global brands, as well as international destinations.

Industry Experience

Our team has experience in the following areas within the consumer and retail industry:

  • Promoting automotive retail, apps and products as well as specialty products for Schumacher Electric Corporation, HopSkipDrive, GM/OnStar, and ITW Global Brands
  • Effectively marketing consumer packaged goods, beverages, apps, and technology for brands like Pioneer, Sara Lee, Verizon, Messina Hof, and Cobs Bread
  • Publicizing hotels, luxury goods and living destinations for companies like Boot Ranch and BIGHORN Properties
  • Developing an integrated communications campaign for development projects like the River Oaks District with OliverMcMillan and Wan Bridge Communities
  • Increased brand awareness for Allegiance Bank, CapitalOne, Banorte, and many others
  • Launched a retail destination for Verizon Wireless and over a hundred new branches for CapitalOne Bank
  • Supported the travel and hospitality industry by launching a product release for Emirates, and regional promotion of the Tourism Board of Mexico


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Vice President

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Senior Account Supervisor

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Account Supervisor

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Uniqua Williams

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