Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation
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Crafting narratives to accelerate next-generation technologies

From the world’s most reputable brands to emerging technology companies, our experts are partnering with clients to accelerate the growth of breakthrough technologies and achieve transformative disruption. Across several industries, we are using public relations, stakeholder engagement and digital marketing to reinforce a global commitment to the science and continued evolution of novel technologies.

Through key placements in targeted media outlets, digital platforms, and industry events, we support leading tech companies, including those focused on cloud solutions, augmented and virtual reality, IoT, application development, and business intelligence platforms. Together, we build strategic thought leadership programs and robust integrated communication strategies to create value and deliver tangible results for companies delivering real-world solutions.

Industry Experience

  • Leveraging Sabre Corporation’s digital channels to deliver next-generation technology
  • Facilitating the launch of Halliburton Labs to accelerate clean energy technologies
  • Building brand awareness through thought leadership with Boston Consulting Group
  • Propelling city-wide innovation with Softeq, MIT and Boundless Technology
  • Promoting digital transformation at key events with Maana, Microsoft and Accenture
  • Partnering with AcctTwo to build credibility with key decision-makers
  • Supporting the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies that speed the energy transition


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Senior Account Executive

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Account Executive

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