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Sunoco Logistics | A Pipeline’s Boots on the Ground

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Sunoco Logistics (NYSE: SXL), a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP), owns and operates more than 6,500 miles of the crude oil pipeline in the United States. Sunoco partnered with Pierpont Communications to plan for potential negative events, monitor traditional and social media, and provide FEMA-certified, 24/7 on-site support as the public information officer (PIO) during events requiring a Unified Command structure.


Pierpont has helped Sunoco prepare for crisis situations by serving as the PIO and communications support during event simulations and tabletop drills in various areas of the United States. Calling on years of energy and crisis response experience, Pierpont puts their tried and proven best practices in action to ensure Sunoco is prepared to communicate with all stakeholders during an incident. Pierpont also ensures they have FEMA-trained staff and stays up to date on Incident Command System practices and procedures.


Onsite Incident Response

In the event of a crisis, Pierpont serves as Sunoco’s onsite PIO for incidents that occur in the southern half of the United States. With the company’s headquarters being based in Philadelphia, Pierpont can respond to an incident more quickly, eliminating any significant gap in on-site coverage. With a team of crisis experts, Pierpont is prepared to step into any incident command role with a depth of field experience and industry knowledge. Sunoco needed a partner that would seamlessly integrate into their incident response team, come equipped with a deep knowledge of the region and provide laser-focused crisis communications counsel throughout the duration of any event.


Media Monitoring

Seven days a week, Pierpont is monitoring the conversations related to Sunoco happening around the country on traditional and social media channels. Using sophisticated monitoring tools, Pierpont helps Sunoco stay one step ahead of potential issues that may crop up online or in the press.

From participating in major incident drills to acting as Sunoco’s public information officer in an actual join command response, Pierpont is Sunoco’s trusted partner across their southern operations.