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Building Community Support for a Long-awaited Project

For over 25 years, community leaders in Alief, Texas have advocated for a new community center and park. EYP Inc, a leading architecture and engineering firm, was awarded the design and construction contract, and understood that to truly be successful they needed a community relations partner with a proven track record of engaging hard to reach and diverse audiences. EYP called on Pierpont.

Pierpont became an immediate strategic partner of EYP, developing and implementing a comprehensive community relations plan and strategy, helping navigate intricate discussions, and positioning the project as a top priority for the city. Pierpont’s public engagement team relied on decades-long relationships to identify and engage key community stakeholders. They strategically established a working group composed of community ambassadors to be the eyes and ears on the ground. Tactically, Pierpont developed and adapted a messaging framework; delivered a steady cadence of communications via social, digital and media channels; and facilitated open houses and community meetings. Pierpont’s transparent process allowed for regular avenues of input and involvement, and helped strengthened the support and trust of the community.