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BP | Diversity and Inclusion Survey Drives Strong Response

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing, Public Relations
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Halliburton | Merger & Acquisition Communications Integration

Energy & Power, Public Relations
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Hart Energy | Repositioning a Houston Publisher

Energy & Power, Marketing & Creative
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Opportune | Growing Visibility in the Marketplace

Energy & Power, Professional & Financial, Digital Marketing, Public Relations
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Univar Solutions | Complete CMS & Site Redesign for Brand Acquisition

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Creative
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KBR | Transforming a Company Narrative

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Public Relations
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LyondellBasell | Managing a Major Website Redesign

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Digital Marketing
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Maana | Leveraging Event Presence to Launch a Brand

Energy & Power, Technology & Innovation, Public Relations
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Magellan | Laying Groundwork for a TX Pipeline

Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Public Affairs
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Marine Well Containment Company | Training and Preparing for Deepwater Crisis Response

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Public Relations
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MatthewsDaniel | Engaging the Marine & Energy Insurance Market on LinkedIn & Twitter

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Creative
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Offshore Technology Conference | Announcing ‘d5’ – Live and Online

Energy & Power, Nonprofits & Education, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations
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Aramco Services | Expat Recruiting Campaign

Energy & Power, Public Relations
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ATCE | Managing Media Relations for an Industry Conference

Energy & Power, Public Relations
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Bahri Logistics | Successfully Launching in the Houston Market

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations
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Battelle | Bringing Energy to Battelle

Energy & Power, Technology & Innovation, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations