Center for Hydrogen Safety | Empowering Expertise & Driving Dialogue to Up Brand Awareness

Energy & Power, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) engaged Pierpont to generate positive sentiment around its messaging and to drive industry engagement while building its membership. Because CHS constantly seeks to drive the conversation around hydrogen safety, it was critical to pay close attention to public sentiment around industry expansion and have a strategy allowing for a nimble and agile response to trending negative public perceptions and/or misinformation.

Pierpont’s plan needed to go well beyond strategies for incident response. An aggressive and proactive cadence of educational communications needed to be established in order to build a stronger basis for reputation defense, negating attacks from skeptics and competing interests, or others who may seek to denigrate CHS’s reputation. Any incident would require a ready response, with Pierpont in the lead to support and counsel CHS leadership.


Pierpont was tasked with developing a global strategic PR and communications strategy to drive impactful increase in brand awareness and membership. At the same time, put in place measurement protocols to monitor performance across campaigns covering multiple platforms to ensure results and execution of consistent messaging. 

Another high priority was to develop relationships with influencers — including traditional media, social media, technology analysts, strategic partners and member organizations. Concurrently, we developed a program to elevate CHS Executive Director Nick Barilo as a hydrogen safety expert for interviews and speaking opportunities. 


Multiple campaigns were launched to drive PR results, boost the organization’s website content and social media engagement, and to secure CHS’s position as the pre-eminent source and authority on hydrogen safety. This steady cadence of communications was measured for performance data, message penetration, and media coverage to ensure we were meeting the organization’s goals.  


While the organization saw a meaningful increase in media coverage and member engagement, one of the most successful initiatives was developing a LinkedIn Live presentation called “Hydrogen: Safely Moving Toward Our Next Fuel Source.With our successful announcement and RSVP curation, we were able to secure over 320 reservations, and successfully pulled off a vibrant and engaged event that had over 205 participants. CHS saw an immediate bump in membership requests and a significant batch of qualified leads that bolstered membership numbers for months to come. 

LinkedIn Live Registrants +300