BakerCorp logo

BakerCorp | Defining a New Market Sector and Positioning for Acquisition

Commercial & Industrial, Public Relations
AAPL logo

AAPL | Driving Deal-Making in a Down Oil & Gas Market

Commercial & Industrial, Nonprofits & Education, Public Relations
American Chemistry Council logo

American Chemistry Council | Driving Conversations on Hurricane Preparedness

Commercial & Industrial, Nonprofits & Education, Marketing & Creative, Public Affairs, Public Relations
KBR logo

KBR | Transforming a Company Narrative

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Public Relations
LyondellBasell logo

LyondellBasell | Managing a Major Website Redesign

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Digital Marketing
Marine Well Containment Company logo

Marine Well Containment Company | Training and Preparing for Deepwater Crisis Response

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Public Relations
Andeavor  logo

Andeavor | Positioning a New Brand Following a Merger

Commercial & Industrial, Public Relations
Bahri Logistics logo

Bahri Logistics | Successfully Launching in the Houston Market

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations
BakerCorp logo

BakerCorp | Developing Brand Identity, Social Media and Innovative Thought Leaders

Commercial & Industrial, Public Relations
Daikin logo

Daikin | Global Brand Goes Local

Commercial & Industrial, Digital Marketing, Public Affairs, Public Relations
ProFrac logo

ProFrac | Crisis Communications Planning and Training

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Public Relations
Qualspec logo

Qualspec | Integrated Digital & Media Relations Campaign

Commercial & Industrial, Public Relations
Sara Lee® Frozen Bakery logo

Sara Lee® Frozen Bakery | Launching a Company with a Sweet Media Strategy

Commercial & Industrial, Consumer & Retail, Public Relations
Skanska logo

Skanska | Thought Leadership and Power Mapping for Texas Cities

Commercial & Industrial, Healthcare & Wellness, Public Affairs, Public Relations
EYP logo

EYP | Building Community Support for a Long-Awaited Project

Commercial & Industrial, Public Affairs
Sikorsky logo

Sikorsky | Market Presence Takes Flight

Commercial & Industrial, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations