TEAM Industrial Services | Multi-Subsidiary Integration & Marketing Plan

Commercial & Industrial, Marketing & Creative, Media Training, Public Relations

TEAM Industrial Services acquired six companies in three years and was struggling to form a consistent program of execution for each of its member companies to follow. With individual brands forming a brand family, the challenge was to maintain the individual brand pride that had been established at each company while still integrating the companies under a unified TEAM Industrial whole.


Pierpont was engaged for a 90-day sprint to interview key stakeholders, solidify brand objectives, evaluate its competitive landscape, and recommend a comprehensive marketing, messaging, and brand extension plan that could quickly and efficiently be integrated into each member company.


The Pierpont team structured an M&A playbook for TEAM, focusing on new marketing, strategic communications, brand refresh and support, and website revamp for each acquired company.

This wasn’t the only work Pierpont did for TEAM Industrial Services. A year later, Pierpont was tasked with creating a marketing plan for the mother company itself, as well as reconstructing its website for more effective communication of company’s goals and values.


For the 90-day sprint project, the TEAM rebranding program brought together the strength of the TEAM brand, along with the Furmanite, QualSpec and Quest Integrity Group brands, to further define and enhance the company’s market share and presence. The newly branded company calls on the best in class from all the companies singularly, rolled into the well-established TEAM family of subsidiaries. The plan provided the roadmap on how to cost-effectively and efficiently integrate the new brands across TEAM’s footprint so that in 24 months, cohesive rebranding is achieved.

During this time, Pierpont sourced TEAM for interviews with media outlets like MergerMarket as well as set them up for success with future media opportunities to gain industry exposure and amplify brand presence.