Houston Marine & Energy Insurance Conference | Driving Engagement and Attendance with Social Media

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The Houston Marine & Energy Insurance Conference (HMEIC) is the premier marine and energy insurance and admiralty law conference in the world. For over 50 years, HMEIC has attracted top talent and become the central meeting space for leaders in its industry. Having worked with Pierpont for its 2021 conference, the Planning Committee re-engaged Pierpont for the 2022 conference to continue growing its digital presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Increase followers and engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Enhance registration rates through the effective utilization of social media and email distributions.
  • Elevate the conference's reputation and thought leadership position within the industry.
  • Establish a strong foundation for future conference success.

Pierpont collaborated with the Planning Committee to define goals and set KPI’s for its social media efforts. Pierpont educated HMEIC on the importance and impact social media and email distributions have on registration and potential attendees’ impressions of the conference. Then, Pierpont developed a content calendar and oversaw the daily postings for the conference, including organic and promoted content. Special emphasis was given to leveraging thought leadership articles from the HMEIC Planning Committee President to enhance awareness among attendees and industry peers.


By the end of the campaign, the conference experienced a remarkable 34.7% increase in LinkedIn followers. The set engagement rate KPI of 7% was met and sustained, with over 12,000 engagements on conference-related posts and the conference page. On Facebook, Pierpont surpassed the engagement rate KPI of 5% on Facebook, achieving an outstanding 8% engagement rate. This accomplishment was attributed to the continuous posting of engaging content on the platform. By leveraging social media channels and employing an effective content strategy, Pierpont successfully amplified awareness to garner over 500 attendees and ultimately contributed to the conference's continued growth and success. The Planning Committee also hired Pierpont to support its 2023 conference and looks forward to continuing to build on the achievements of previous years.

LinkedIn Followers +455
Conference Attendees +500