Neara | Expanding Brand Awareness from Australia to North America

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Technology & Innovation, Public Relations

Neara, an Australian-based provider of cloud based digital twin solutions for global utilities, was looking to expand their presence globally, especially in the U.S. Alongside Pierpont, Neara worked to broaden its platform functionality, including into new industries.


Drive media exposure and create brand awareness in North America.


Pierpont worked to attain top-tier media exposure and gain placements with exclusive magazines and leading financial publications. Pierpont secured an exclusive with the Australian Financial Review and attained a spot in Axios, among other trade publication articles. This media coverage would help to increase Neara’s brand awareness and broaden its platform functionality into new industries.


The Pierpont team garnered important media placements with the Australian Financial Review, Axios, Fortune, Crunchbase and other leading financial publications on the company’s Series B. Over the course of a year, Pierpont helped boost the company’s branding in North America through consistent, targeted contributed placements in T&D World and Energy Central as well as speaking engagements in leading utility events.