AAPL | Driving Deal-Making in a Down Oil & Gas Market

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Looking to make an oil and gas deal? NAPE is the place. Held three times per year (with two events in Houston and one in Denver), NAPE is the largest oil and gas prospect expo series of its kind in the world. The event brings together all of the decision-makers necessary to evaluate, make and fund oil and gas deals.

But in 2015, many of the upstream companies that typically attend NAPE had been hit hard by the recent downturn in oil prices – and registration for its upcoming flagship expo, NAPE Summit, was being hit hard in return.


NAPE engaged Pierpont Communications to develop a robust media relations campaign positioning NAPE Summit as a must-attend event during a downturn. NAPE, after all, had been founded 20 years ago during a down market as a way to stimulate the oil and gas market.


Leading up to the conference, Pierpont worked with NAPE to produce a constant stream of industry news highlighting the immense value NAPE brings to attendees – network-building opportunities, global industry trends and forecasts, nationally known speakers, and of course, a global forum for deal-making. Pierpont also worked with NAPE sponsors and presenters in advance to secure interest for on-site interviews, building additional value for all involved. At the event itself, Pierpont staffed the media room, facilitating media interviews for media who attended and maximizing opportunities for coverage.


NAPE Summit 2016 proved to be a resounding success. Thanks in part to Pierpont’s efforts, more than 11,300 oil & gas decision-makers and 60 industry journalists attended NAPE Summit 2016, with 1,000 on-site registrations on the first day of the trade show alone. NAPE Summit 2016 was covered by practically all major oil and gas industry trade publications, including a front-page story in the Houston Chronicle touting NAPE as a go-to venue for the pulse of the energy industry.

Industry Journalists 100%
Thousands of Decision Makers 11.3
On-Site Registrations 100X