Irma Gray


Known fondly as the friendly voice you hear upon calling Pierpont, Irma Gray is the backbone that supports the ins and outs of employees in all of Pierpont’s offices. It’s why you can invariably hear an echo of, “I don’t know, call Irma,” when an answer is needed quickly.

That’s because Irma is not only dependable and solutions-focused, she’s always a step ahead to ensure Pierpont runs smoothly, day in and day out. Having worked in the public relations industry since 1997, she’s an expert in skillfully navigating the often hectic pace of keeping up with all our core operations and on-the-go staff.

Since 2003, Irma has performed a number of duties for the agency, including coordinating meetings, maintaining databases and reports, assisting on client accounts, offering technical support and tackling administrative duties. Irma has more than 35 years of experience providing administrative assistance to numerous businesses, such as Exxon, Valero, Tenneco and Compass Bank.

When she’s not keeping track of everyone in the office, Irma enjoys spending time with her family and doting on her grandson. Some of her other interests include watching old films, reading classic novels, playing disc golf and mastering the art of needlework.