Tad Druart

Vice President

Serving as a trusted advisor to corporate partners to grow awareness, market share, and revenue

Tad provides senior counsel to clients and oversees the strategic communications and marketing plans that support their growth and awareness objectives. As Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for several private equity-backed companies, he has provided the vision and strategy to lead and guide organizations to heightened levels of awareness, market share, revenue growth, and customer retention. In addition to marketing and communications duties, he has also led investor relations through two initial public offerings and multiple mergers and acquisitions. His industry analyst relations work with enterprise software and hardware providers has helped them establish themselves as key vendors to global corporations. Tad’s professional guidance is discerned from data and experience in the board room to ensure clients make informed and strategic decisions that support the attainment of revenue goals while building and strengthening the businesses' reputations. In his role, Tad also supports new business development, attracting top-tier organizations to the firm.