Elysa Nelson


From the moment her feet hit the ground (usually well before the sun comes up), Elysa Nelson is ready to tackle whatever the day brings her way—with a cup (or 12) of coffee in hand, of course. In fact, the only time she stops moving is when she pours a glass of wine and answers the last of her emails every day, while binging on national news, reruns of Law & Order and some quality time with her trusty four-legged side kick, Hank the 100-pound lap dog.

A native Dallasite, who has since landed in Houston and at Pierpont, Elysa is passionate about exceptional client service and helping fellow team members get any job done—ahead of the deadline and as close to perfect as possible. With more than 10 years of experience in nonprofit, agency and corporate communications, Elysa prides herself in knowing just enough about everything to be a little dangerous. But most of the time that insight proves incredibly valuable to the clients she supports in media relations, public affairs, community relations, crisis management, digital engagement and internal and corporate communications.

A quick study, Elysa can jump into a new client, knowing virtually nothing about the organization, and with a little research and few spreadsheets, Elysa can guide the Pierpont team to hit the ground running. As a proud (albeit older) Millennial, she is not afraid to tackle tough issues, talk about any type of problem and communicate via email, text, phone, chat or whatever medium the client might need to get the job done and done well.

When she isn’t spending her days working, networking or volunteering, you can most likely find Elysa and Hank hanging out with her nieces—likely performing her best Elsa impersonation from the movie “Frozen.” That is her life motto after all: let it gooooo.