Mike Gehrig

Mike Gehrig knows how to craft the stories that journalists want to write about and people want to read. Perhaps it's why over the years at Pierpont, he's become known as "Super Mike" around Pierpont's Austin office (and yes, he has a red cape to boot). But Mike isn't about laurels or fanfare. Day in and day out, he's focused on one thing: bringing home the big wins for clients.

With more than a decade of experience, it is no surprise that Mike has developed an expert understanding of the energy industry, from oil and gas to power generation. He has worked with E&P super majors and independents in the U.S. as well, independent power producers in Australia, Ghana and South Africa and mining companies in South America as well as executed local community engagement programs for consumer, government and sustainable construction clients. Today, he consistently surpasses client expectations with his strategic PR programs and concrete ability to harmonize every project with just the right media. Thanks to this ability he has built a record of producing standout results across the globe no matter the region or challenge.

When he's not notching client wins, Mike spends much of his time chasing his toddler. He also enjoys learning about the energy and finance industry, running with his dog Hound in his new South Austin neighborhood and cheering on his sports teams from Ohio (even though that tends to make him unpopular in Texas and his own home).