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ITW Global Brands | Engaging Automotive Influencers to Elevate Brand Awareness

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ITW Global Brands is a leader servicing the auto aftermarket with best-selling car care products and parent company for well-known brands such as Rain-X®, Black Magic®, and Gumout®. In an effort to elevate brand awareness for ITW Global Brand products among prominent automotive influencers, Pierpont invited local Houston influencers to an exclusive tour of the ITW laboratory and test garage. The tour included scientific demonstrations led by R&D staff, as well as interview opportunities with company brand representatives, scientists, and engineers.


Pierpont researched the top influencers in the Houston area that review and write about auto aftermarket products and conducted targeted outreach inviting them to the exclusive event. Among these influencers was Scotty Kilmer, a world-renown content creator and gear head with a massive following of more than 2.5 million on YouTube. Pierpont developed a run of the show which included product demos and interviews with scientists and engineers. Following the media tour, Pierpont worked with each influencer to post about their visit across their social media channels, leveraging any imagery or videos they obtained onsite. Additionally, Pierpont coordinated a promotional giveaway with Kilmer and the other influencers for their respective followers and monitored all social media impressions and engagement following the event.


The result of Pierpont’s influencer engagement was monumental. In addition to dedicated posts by local influencers, including The Gentleman Racer, West Houston Muscle, GAP Racing, and Garage DLX, Kilmer produced and published a 10-minute video positively discussing ITW Global Brands products. The video went viral – having been viewed more than 344,000 times, receiving 15,000 likes and almost 7,000 comments, and ultimately enhancing brand awareness and helping to sell key Rain-X®, Black Magic®, and Gumout® products.

Views 344K
Likes 15K
Comments 7K