BIGHORN Golf Club & Properties | Driving Social Media Engagement and Lead Generation

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In early 2020, BIGHORN engaged Pierpont to help expand and enhance its social media presence.


Together, we determined our two primary objectives:

  • To drive social media engagement for BIGHORN Golf Club
  • To generate more leads for BIGHORN Properties sales agents

BIGHORN Golf Club Organic Social Media: After discovery sessions with key internal stakeholders, Pierpont made a series of recommendations to BIGHORN to improve their organic social media, including:

  • Post more on weekends
  • Feature more galleries
  • Use fewer but more relevant hashtags
  • Engage more with fans and followers

BIGHORN Properties Social Media Advertising: In addition to enhancing the organic social media presence for BIGHORN Properties, Pierpont also kicked off an ambitious online advertising campaign to drive leads to BIGHORN’s sales agents.

Starting with a variety of different Facebook and Instagram ads, Pierpont tested different variations, including:

  • Different text
  • Video vs. photos
  • Emojis vs. no emojis

As a result, BIGHORN Golf Club’s number of engagements on Facebook surged from just 23 in March 2020 (when we started working with BIGHORN) to more than 1,300 in September 2020. And the engagement rate on Facebook also grew dramatically, from 0.1% to 9.64% during the same period.

We saw similar success on Instagram, which had no posts during March 2020. By September, BIGHORN Golf Club had 18 Instagram posts, which garnered more than 3,300 engagements.

After six weeks of testing, Pierpont and BIGHORN settled on a template for the social media ads. And since the ads started running in May, we have continued to adjust and refine them and expand the geographic reach of the ads. The result?

  • 21 new leads in September and October 2020
  • Click-through-rates over 8%
  • Cost-per-click less than $0.70

In sum, Pierpont has collaborated with the outstanding marketing team at BIGHORN to generate measurable and valuable results for the BIGHORN Golf Club and BIGHORN Properties.

Posts 18
Engagements 3300
CTR for Social Media Ads >8%