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Wood Group | Proactive Incident Preparation

Commercial & Industrial, Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Media Training

Wood Group, now recognized as Wood, is an international energy services company that provides a range of engineering, production support, and maintenance management services to the oil & gas, and power generation industries in more than 50 countries worldwide. In order to effectively respond to incidents across their operations and protect the reputation of the company, Wood Group places a high priority on crisis preparedness and response. All senior-level managers are required to be trained on the company’s crisis communications response plan as well as undergo general spokesperson training every two years. The company also requires continuous monitoring of traditional and social media in order to identify potential issues as early as possible. Wood Group needed a partner familiar with their process and personnel to provide 24/7 response capabilities.


In the face of an industry slowdown prompted by low commodity prices, Wood Group sought a creative solution that would allow them to maintain their industry-leading training program as well as media monitoring and response. Mechanisms to ensure the company’s training and learning development programs were needed. Pierpont's objective included utilizing both traditional and digital communications to implement cohesive internal communications. 


Pierpont had a deep understanding of their broad range of businesses required to develop custom training programs, including scenario-based video interview training and evaluation for potential spokespersons. In order to provide the required media training refreshers while reducing the need for international travel, Pierpont developed digital-conference-based training, including remote media interview simulation capabilities.


By providing continuous media monitoring, Pierpont stayed current on all issues and coverage of Wood Group, making us an effective on-call response partner, supporting senior executives in message development and media management during events requiring activation of the crisis communications response team. Crisis response incidents that were fortified include offshore helicopter incidents and platform fires.