ProFrac | Crisis Communications Planning and Training

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ProFrac is a leading provider of pressure pumping equipment for the oil and gas industry. Known primarily for its hydrologic fracturing equipment, ProFrac offers customers and partners the best equipment and modern technology to deliver proven solutions and drive innovation. ProFrac engaged with Pierpont to help build out its crisis communication strategy


With an industry under scrutiny, ProFrac had already developed an extensive crisis plan without realizing it lacked the necessary communications components.


Leveraging the expertise of ProFrac head of safety, Pierpont amended ProFrac’s crisis planning document to include necessary communications tactics. Moreover, Pierpont conducted a training seminar with ProFrac’s senior executives and operations managers to see how the plan would work in action.


Further while amending the plan, Pierpont was able to assist ProFrac through an incident that could have generated wide media exposure but was limited to a local issue.

Local and national media coverage 52
Coverage included the Houston Chronicle
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