Standard Renewable Energy

Standard Renewable Energy | Taking a “Clean and Green” Message to the White House

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A relatively new company, Standard Renewable Energy (SRE) needed to differentiate itself from the many other “green” venture capital-funded start-ups. The company relied on exposure through regular advertisements and “word-of-mouth.” To maximize success, however, it needed to establish itself as a trusted, reliable brand. That’s why SRE turned to Pierpont to help expand its media presence and ensure its inclusion in the national discourse on renewable energy.


The man delivering the message was the Thomas Edison of solar power: Standard Renewable Energy’s young CEO, John Berger. To further drive home SRE’s message, Pierpont recognized an opportunity to present him to the national media as an emerging energy thought leader. With a consistent and highly visible stream of insight on topics central to the national renewable energy debate, Washington influencers quickly took notice of SRE, which led to an invitation from Vice President Joe Biden, asking Berger to meet with him and share thoughts on the stimulus and the White House effort to create “clean” jobs.


In August 2009, Berger attended a briefing with President Obama to discuss the future of U.S. renewable energy policy. Sixteen months after working with Pierpont to establish a national thought leadership presence, Standard Renewable Energy was sold to the country’s largest renewable energy holding company — Gridpoint.


With target audiences in focus, Pierpont established a brand message that was direct and empowering: SRE was on a mission “to democratize the utilities.” With that message, Pierpont secured media coverage that reached an audience of over 127 million in just one year, with an ad equivalency of roughly $1.6 million. Placements included the Fox Business Channel, The Wall Street JournalTIME Magazine, and a front-page story in The New York Times.