Halliburton Labs | Launching an Innovative Lab to Accelerate Clean Energy Development

Energy & Power, Technology & Innovation, Public Relations

Pierpont partnered with Halliburton and Nanotech, its first participant of Halliburton Labs – a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, and investors come together to advance cleaner, affordable energy – to craft a narrative around their initiative to accelerate the development of alternative energy sources.


Pierpont worked closely with Halliburton to reinforce its commitment to the science and continued evolution of sustainable, reliable energy and amplify its anchor company’s breakthrough technologies that are designed to significantly reduce global energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.


While acknowledging oil and gas will remain an affordable and reliable energy resource for decades to come, the media relations strategy was tailored to recognize the importance of solving current and future clean-energy challenges.


Pierpont facilitated message development and coordinated media briefings that led to coverage in top-tier outlets and renowned trade publications, including Bloomberg TV, World Oil, Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle, and Hart Energy. After the launch, over 15 articles ran positioning Halliburton as a driving force behind the energy transition.

Earned media coverage 15+