Association of Texas Professional Educators | Aligning Membership Goals with Communications Strategy

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The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE), the state’s largest association for educators, engaged Pierpont to perform a communications and marketing audit to better understand the effectiveness of ATPE’s communications — particularly related to member acquisition and retention.


For ATPE, the goals were twofold: foster ongoing engagement to continue retaining members and drive awareness with non-members.


To achieve these goals, Pierpont spearheaded a comprehensive communications audit. This started with conducting multiple interviews with team members from departments responsible for marketing, communications and government relations, as well as those interfacing with membership and volunteers. Pierpont also reviewed organizational and industry research, analyzed ATPE’s website, email marketing and social media analytics and conducted a messaging session with key team members.


Through a final audit report and in-person presentation, Pierpont detailed our key findings, overarching recommendations and actionable next steps. From this audit report, ATPE leadership had the framework to begin implementing findings to grow an engaged membership base.