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Creating a market-by-market launch strategy for Thumbtack.

Central Texas Fuel Independence Project

Central Texas Fuel Independence Project

Creating Brand Clarity for Multiple Stakeholders

Interviewing like an expert

  PR practitioners regularly interview clients when creating content for podcasts, news releases and other media relations materials. In order to develop an effective message strategy that connects with audiences through media channels, it’s essential to have a full understanding of the client, its company structure and the values it offers. Recently, I attended the Association […]

Grilled chicken, with a side of inspiration

I try to be an involved member of the Austin community, so I attend a lot of luncheons. Typically, they feature salad, grilled chicken and dessert with an informative presentation on a topic, issue or trend. At a recent Red Cross luncheon, the food was familiar, but the experience was anything but. “Bravo for Bravery,” […]