How to Develop a Digital Strategy for Your Business

When we work with our clients to develop a digital strategy, we start with making sure they have a clear idea of their business goals and how various online tools can align with and support these goals.


Once that’s established, we look at their website, making sure that it is secure, responsively designed, hosted by a reliable vendor, accessible to people with disabilities and has clear calls to action.


Next, we focus on search engine optimization, because SEO is the best way to attract potential customers to your website. And ranking high in Google isn’t enough these days; we also consult on the importance of position zero, which is the snippets of text that appear above the #1 spot in google search results.

Social Media

Once we have SEO buttoned up, we help develop a social media strategy that focuses on the right platforms to reach the right audiences, because not every social media channel is the right fit for every business. And then, we identify key search terms that may not be ranking high enough organically and develop a pay-per-click campaign around them.

Digital Ads

If necessary, we also consider display ads to boost brand awareness and email campaigns for lead generation. Of course, all of this is conducted while using actionable analytics to measure what’s working and what’s not working, and to adjust and iterate along the way.

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