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Belmont Village | Connecting Residents, Families & Employees through Social Media

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Belmont Village, a leading provider of senior living solutions, sought to further connect with its residents, their families, and its employees, by launching a strategic social media program.


With communities across the country and several thousand residents, Belmont has countless stories to tell on social media and they recognized the opportunity to establish two-way communication channels.


Pierpont developed Belmont’s social media and content strategy from the ground up and launched the program in April 2017. As part of the launch, we developed an overall strategy and plan which included the brand voice, social media page look-and-feel, content calendar, campaigns, process, and social media policy. These many moving pieces aligned with Belmont’s overall marketing and organizational goals and served as a key piece of Belmont’s communications strategy.

One core initiative of the social media program was to engage Belmont’s team members across the country to better tell each community’s story. To enable this, we developed a training program for each of their communities that provided guidance on how to source and develop content as well as how to upload photos, videos and descriptions to their pre-existing intranet. This helped empower employees to share their local stories and helped Belmont residents and their family members feel more connected to the organization.

Today, Belmont has several channels to connect with its audiences, share the stories of residents, and help families feel at ease knowing that their loved ones are well cared for in the communities. Additionally, Belmont has seen significant growth in page followers and engagement rates of content as well as new leads generated through the channels.