Few organizations are happy with their sales efforts. Sales is an expensive activity, closing rates are always too low and the need for qualified leads is constant.

So how do you combat this? Stop selling!

You’re probably asking yourself, “If we stop selling, how will my company survive?” Easy – help your prospects buy instead.
Allow me to explain.

No one likes to be “sold.” Prospects want solutions for their needs and they want to buy from people they trust. Companies that help prospects buy will get the sale. 

How do you “help” your prospects “buy” your product or service versus sell to them? There are two critical steps:

Step 1: Learn what your prospects want. Have a genuine interest in your customers at all times and their points of view. Let them “talk,” directly or through research. They will give you the answers you need for the sale if you listen hard enough.

Step 2: Build a relationship first and sell later. Give your prospects information that is useful and timely. Make sure you address their concerns. Make it easy to move through the buying process at their pace. Allow them to be involved at each step. Social media and mobility can be useful tools when personal contact is not possible.

By “stop selling” and “help your prospects buy,” you are accomplishing many of your goals:
• Your prospects move willingly through the sales cycle;
• Your prospects self-qualify without annoying questions on your part;
• Your prospects tell you when they are ready to buy; and
• Your prospects – now customers – are more loyal and more likely to refer other prospects.

Is “stop selling” radical? Not really. 

It is how we all want to be “sold” – by “buying!”