Five Simple Tips to Woo Your Prospects


It’s not that hard for a company to make potential customers fall in “love” with its product or service. In fact, most of the basic principles we use in our day-to-day personal interactions apply to the average relationship we hold with our very own customers. They’re basic and often easily forgettable and therein lies the problem.

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s a refresher on how to effectively “woo” and keep your customers.

Make yourself be the “one”: Your company is just a fish in a sea of competitors. Customers exploring your company are probably also considering at least two to three other options. You not only have to be better – you have to act fast. In other words, if someone calls for more information or to collect a quote, try to respond within a few hours or at least that same day. If you put it off, you’re giving the impression they are not important to you and by default, you will no longer be of importance to them.

Listen to their needs: A prospect is turning to you to help meet a need. This is your chance to gather all the information you need to help them find the best solution – the solution that is even better than the cookie-cutter solution the competition has offered them. Even if the lead does not materialize, you can always learn something from the relationship. Use their needs as way to modify or improve your current product or service.

Give them something special: You want to always be memorable – remember it’s all about standing out above the competition. With that in mind, bring a piece of collateral or promotional item to every new business opportunity. While it’s not so much the thought that counts in this case, it is more about ensuring they talk about your company well after you’re gone.

Be consistent: Once you’ve earned their trust and they want to do business with you, make sure you keep it. Consistency is key. Always deliver on every count and always follow through with promises.

Don’t let go: Or at least stay in touch. It’s about building a rapport and relationship with your customer. Whether you add them to your database, invite them to a special event or simply pick up the phone to check in on any current needs, you need to stay top of mind at all times. Remember, it’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. Don’t let that special one get away.

Do you have a tip you use to attract customers? If so, share below!