Kairos Aerospace

Kairos Aerospace | Positioning the Brand and Increasing Awareness

Technology & Innovation, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations

Kairos Aerospace, a pioneer in methane emissions detection using patented processes and innovative technology, partnered with Pierpont to support its marketing efforts, position the company as an authority on methane emissions, and raise its profile in New Mexico and Texas. The company has a unique approach to methane detection that needed to be told effectively and succinctly. Through strategic media relations, thought leadership, and digital amplification, Pierpont created an immediate impact.


Pierpont began with streamlining Kairos’ messaging on owned channels, by updating the website and marketing materials. The website’s design and format were valuable, though it lacked impactful content. Pierpont drafted copy and recommended strategic website updates to more effectively tell the company’s story and share its successes. The company’s marketing collateral also needed a refresh to connect Kairos’ value proposition to customers’ needs. Pierpont reimagined the design and copy of sales takeaways used with potential customers.

In addition to the improved marketing materials, Pierpont provided Kairos with marketing, media, and social support when attending conferences like CERA Week in Houston, CH4 Connections in Colorado, and the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative’s annual meeting in New York. Pierpont established and maintained Kairos’ LinkedIn page, growing followers, increasing engagement rates, and providing recommendations on content.

Lastly, Pierpont pitched introductory interviews with key energy and technology reporters at local, trade, and national media outlets to showcase Kairos’ innovative approach and value in methane detection. Pierpont helped identify and secure media opportunities with The Wall Street Journal, Albuquerque Journal, Midland Reporter-Telegram, and Odessa American. By securing coverage, ensuring a consistent message, and establishing a presence on social media, Pierpont helped to increase awareness of Kairos and position the company as an innovative leader.