Why Your Organization Needs Generative AI Guidelines for Employees

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With the integration of AI becoming increasingly common in business settings, leadership needs to acknowledge the potential generative AI has to help employees reach goals and improve efficiency—especially in fields like public relations, communications, and marketing.

But understanding and acknowledging the potential risks of using AI are necessary first steps in creating an AI policy that is both clear and actionable for your workplace.

Guidelines for generative AI usage are crucial so that the extent of AI’s use is not left up to interpretation by employees. The use of generative AI has plenty of risks—like inaccuracies, bias, or plagiarism—that are important to consider when developing an AI policy.

Education about these risks as well as guidance on how to navigate them will empower teams as they tackle projects that use AI-based technology, as well as build their confidence in your organization’s stance on using the technology to draft content, create ideas and more.

What does an AI policy look like?

The policy should include a clear understanding of what artificial intelligence and generative AI are and what kinds of tools use AI. Your policy should also include plans for training on select AI tools if necessary for your organization. Lastly, your policy should define the ethical use of the technology and how your organization is prepared to monitor compliance with the policy. This shouldn’t be used to intimidate employees, but rather to guide them in creating the best possible outcomes.

AI training and policies are never finished. Technology like AI will continue to evolve, which is why your company’s AI training and policies should continue to evolve with it. These policies should be developed with the whole team in mind. When you’re creating your AI policy, consider the perspectives of different departments like HR, operations, legal, and communications. A variety of perspectives are important to make sure your AI policy serves your whole company and takes their diverse day-to-day experiences into account.

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