Do you have what it takes?


Many of you have heard me expound at great length on the two proven character traits shared by successful entrepreneurs:  Self-efficacy and Internal Locus of Control.  Just read an interesting post on the psychographics of self-help book readers by University of Iowa Professor Christine Whelan:

“So who tends to buy self-help books and attend self-help seminars? Those with enough self-control and success to value it–and want even more. Here’s why:

Self-Efficacy: There’s a difference between feeling good about yourself (self-esteem) and feeling proud of successful changes you’ve made in your life (self-efficacy). People who believe they can change are more likely to be able to actually do so, and they will also be happier people, researchers find. And unless you think your goals can be achieved, what’s the point in trying? Self-help readers have a high sense of self-efficacy.”