Digital Influence Weekly – The Human Touch for the Holidays


You’re no doubt in a rush to prepare for the holidays, so without further delay this is the Digital Influence Weekly…

Last weekend I heard someone discussing the importance of disconnecting from technology if only for a day. The idea was that technology can be used to distract us from the important things in our lives and take you farther from people you care about. However, the assumption is that everyone and everything that matters is within arm’s reach.


As we grow technologically, we’re able to bring people together from across great distances for the holidays. I imagine that as we enter 2012, many people will have just received a new device allowing them to video chat. You might see this as an opportunity to replace regular client conference calls with video chats. Having client face time is very valuable in staying at the top of their mind.


But before you begin implementing your 2012 marketing plan, use your new mobile device or laptop to connect with your friends and family. Get in the habit of utilizing video chat. The very second you open your gift, call a friend or relative. Below are few programs you can use on your computer, iPhone/iPad and Android devices.


FaceTime – This is the device to device video chat feature you can use on your iPhone and iPad to effortlessly connect to others.


Google+ Hangout – Start your own chat room with up to 10 people and get friends and family video chatting all in one place. This also works on some devices with the mobile app.


Facebook Video Chat – You have probably been using the chat feature on Facebook for a while now. When you open the chat window, you should see a video chat icon to click. Try it out!


Skype – Skype is still one of the most popular means of video chatting all over the world. It has several great features and accessibility options for any device.


From all of us at Pierpont, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Remember, during the holidays motor vehicle accidents are up, so ask someone in your car to run your mobile device when you drive. Thank you.