Digital Influence Weekly – Social Media Updates Roundup



Maybe if the hackers who got hold of nearly 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords looked like the hackers from the ’92 Robert Redford movie Sneakers, we’d be more forgiving. However, they don’t and we’re not. If you didn’t hear already, LinkedIn will be resetting any stolen passwords to protect you, but it’s a good idea to go ahead and change your password anyways. Also, if it was the same password you use for anything else like Facebook and Twitter, you might want to change those as well. Generally, changing your password every so often is a good way to keep hackers guessing.

And now, the Digital Influence Weekly…

There have been a lot of updates and changes over the past few weeks to some social networks. Let’s take a look at a few and what they mean for you.


Mashable just reported that Twitter / Facebook integration will now allow for rich media to be shared with the first username, hashtag, link or pic. In other words, if your two accounts are linked and you tweet “Look at me on vacation (link to vacation twitpic),” the picture will be visible on Facebook. If you’re already using a program like Hootsuite however, this may be less exciting for you.

Since you’ll also be able to post from Twitter to a Facebook Page you manage, be certain to uncheck or not connect to your Facebook Pages so that you don’t share vacation photos across the board.

Also, Twitter has updated their logo and branding standards. That means there are some new dos and don’ts on how their logo is used. You can see the full details here, but a quick sampling is provided below. Use your own discretion when promoting your Twitter. I doubt Twitter is checking all the business cards in the world to make sure brand standards are being met, but you may need to update it on your website.

(Via Twitter)

Usage guidelines

• Use our official, unmodified Twitter bird to represent our brand.
• Make sure the bird faces right.
• Allow for at least 150 percent buffer space around the bird.


• Use speech bubbles or words around the bird.
• Rotate or change the direction of the bird.
• Animate the bird.
• Duplicate the bird.
• Change the color of the bird.
• Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.



Facebook has updated how apps are shared on your Timeline. Sharing info from your app to Facebook is nothing new and neither is having a special place for it on your Timeline. You may remember that there used to be special areas on the left or right side of your profile for apps highlighting the movies you like, places you traveled, concerts you went to, etc. This feels a lot like the return of this functionality. 

This is important because, for example, someone checks in on Foursquare to your business and yours is the last place they checked into for a few days. That check-in doesn’t disappear among your other regular Facebook updates. It will remain in its own section giving your business some additional and lasting visibility. Learn more about the changes it here on Facebook.


On recent trips to Disney World and Colorado, I used Foursquare to find new places to visit and recommendations on how to get the most out of where I was going. Using Foursquare to locate these places had become the main reason to use it at all. Getting badges and earning points had become secondary to me because I needed to get the most out of my travel experience, not by beating my friends’ high score (which I already did) but by finding out where I needed to go. 

This week, Foursquare updated their app demonstrating a shift in their business model in the same vein. By focusing on recommendations and deals, they will be able to provide a better real world user experience when connecting people to the places they want to be. This will certainly up the stakes in their competition against popular user review site Yelp. From what I’ve seen, Yelp reviews traditionally are lengthy and on occasion more irate when negative. Foursquare usually seems like the Twitter of review sites with quick little tips and feedback.

Business owners, if you’re not already doing so, keep an eye on your Foursquare reviews and how they appear on a browser or mobile device.