Digital Influence Weekly Roundup



The Digital Influence Weekly began as a series of weekly blog posts focused on using social media to help businesses grow and thrive. Six months ago, we provided you with a summary of some of our most interesting posts in 2010, all involving the latest and greatest with social media and web 2.0. Well, it’s time to enlighten you again — we are providing a summary of some of our most exciting posts over the last few months. From monitoring crisis with social media to predicting the stock market, the last six months have been a whirlwind when it comes to digital influence. So sit back, relax and get ready to absorb! 

Natural disasters are never pleasant — and it seems like they are impacting more and more people every year. This is why we wrote about ways to monitor and contribute important information online during troubling times. This will help you stay connected to emergency services, your community and your family. 

Social media can serve to predict trends in fashion, technology and pop-star scandals, so why not finance? A report from Seeking Alpha has shown that information found on social media can help direct others to make their stock market fortunes. Not being a gambling man, I’ll leave it to others to test out this risky theory. 

Online safety is a concern for everyone — including nonprofits and their community engagement efforts. How do you show pictures from your latest family event while protecting everyone’s privacy? We supply some great tips to keeping others’ identities secure. Read more about it here.

Our nation’s finest moments can bring out the best of us, and social media can bring that all together. This Memorial Day we offered several ways for Americans to learn about our military history and share their own thanks or personal stories with everyone online. 

We look forward to covering exciting new topics in the coming months, including the death of a certain popular social network — but we won’t tell you which one until August! Just kidding. 

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