Digital Influence Weekly – QR You Doing This Right?


Google Plus will soon allow people to use pseudonyms after being incredibly strict about user identities needing to be real. This is good news to me, because that means the real Winston Churchill was indeed following me on Google Plus the whole time! 

… And now, on to the Digital Influence Weekly!


A few years ago, I was calling a business using the number listed on their website, but got another business altogether. Let’s just say it was a number that charges by the minute and I’ll leave it at that. After letting the original business know that their number is directing people somewhere else, they quickly realized the mistake they listed. 

But this brings to mind something else that I just read about. A QR code in Russia led people to believe that when scanned, an app would download to their phone. But actually it loaded malware that sent messages that cost premium rates to the users’ phones. Just as with any social network, you have to be smart about your mobile device usage. You don’t click every spam-looking message that comes to you on Twitter, do you? (I hope not!)

As our ability to connect with businesses and organizations grow, these stories bring some very important lessons for the business and the user:

• Always double check every point of contact you post online or print. Make certain it directs people to where you want them to go. Check for and correct mislabeled numbers and dead links on your website.

• Pay attention to your other social networks and means of communication to determine if someone is having trouble contacting you. They may talk about it without reporting it.

• Take two seconds to research what you are about to download. There are processes to make sure apps from iTunes and the Android Market are safe to download, but downloading apps from third-party sites should be checked to make sure they are valid.

• Scan with a purpose! You don’t have to scan every QR code because it’s available. Scan codes on products you trust or to learn more about things that truly interest you.

Have a great weekend!