Digital Influence Weekly – One Final Note for 2011


In a previous Digital Influence Weekly, I shared the video on how the world Googled in 2011. Now I’d like to share how Google Doodled in 2011. Check out all the interesting Google Doodles here that you loved and missed all year long.


And now, the Digital Influence Weekly…

This is the last Digital Influence Weekly of 2011. This would be a very appropriate time to think about the strides you made in social media this past year. Did you join Google+? Did you upgrade your mobile devices? Did you get support from management to create a social media policy? Did you make new connections to members of the press or other key influencers through social media?


This year you had 365 days to jump on the bandwagon of online engagement. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all had major redesigns and functionality tweeks. Even businesses with established social media programs had to reevaluate how to work with these changes. Google+ arrived, shaking things up and ending 2011 with around 62 million users signed up. We all started from scratch on this one. Also, there was no shortage of places online and offline to learn how to use these tools for business.


There is, of course, always an opportunity to get into the game. But don’t make a New Year’s resolution to look into growing your marketing and public relations activities digitally. (Think back to just how many New Year’s resolutions you really kept by mid February.) Make a daily resolution to learn something new that can help you connect with your stakeholders and influencers. You could wind up with 365 new ways to improve everything you do for work and your personal life. Additionally, you will get a bonus tip because 2012 is a leap year.


Finally, don’t let any New Year’s messages or pictures on your mobile devices be your last. Please drive safely and distraction free this New Year’s Eve. I wish you all the best and I’ll see you in 2012.