Digital Influence Weekly – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…New Designs


Do you have a little more to say? Facebook now lets you post 63,206 characters in a status update. Before, you could only post 5,000. That’s right! You could probably post all of “War and Peace” in status updates after 30 status updates! FYI, I tried this by starting small and posting the “Declaration of Independence” as a status update ,and it works just fine. 

And now, the Digital Influence Weekly…


It looks like everyone’s in the mood for a makeover. Social networks and online tools are always refining themselves constantly. Facebook is continuously working to streamline, then complicate, then streamline, then complicate (and so on) their design.

Youtube and Google have/are dusting off their designs to make some changes as well. Youtube is overhauling how you can integrate your social networks in a sleek bar on the left side of their site. They also offer new options for crafting the look and feel of your Youtube channel. You can review the new changes here.

On Google, there are plans to remove the black bar at the top of your page that lists +You, Gmail, Documents, Maps, etc. It will be replaced with a drop down menu at the Google logo. They claim it’s to give you more real estate on your screen. So that’s nice.

If everyone else is getting a social media makeover, maybe you should get one as well. Take some time to go through your social networking profiles for yourself and your company. 

• What images do you need to update or delete? 
• Have your basic info and/or mission statements changed? 
• Can you trim the fat by losing a social network you do absolutely nothing on anymore? 
• Is there something new about you or your company that needs to be featured?
• Are there any opportunities to be clever with your images or design options? This includes the five image sections in Facebook and Google+ or the background of Youtube and Twitter.

Have a great weekend!