Digital Influence Weekly – If Your New Year’s Resolution is to Be a Thought Leader, this Idea May Help


“Chances are there’s a person making videos just for you.” PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) discusses the very reason why your company should invest in making educational videos directed towards your industry. Well, he’s actually referring to access to academic and not-so-academic information provided by YouTube videos made by everyday people who are amazing in their own right.

First, watch this video from the PBS Idea Channel to get excited. (Careful, you’ll get addicted to this channel.)

Did you finish? Good. The idea, which if you’re a regular reader of our blog should come as no surprise, is that you have information others want and need. You can be a thought leader by creating access to your information. It doesn’t have to be a YouTube series, but something which demonstrates what you know. This could be a blog or social networking account. It could be through photos, infographs or videos. However you want to demonstrate your knowledge, make sure you do so. Whatever you have to say could go viral if you have the right people leading the charge.

If you’re not sure of the best way to accomplish this, try this exercise out at meetings you have next week:

1) Pay attention to whomever is leading the meeting or contributing the most to the discussion. Observe how they explain and illustrate issues important to your industry.

2) If the information is coming across in a clear and interesting manner, then begin strategizing the best way to capture the information. Should the discussion be videotaped? Is there something the discussion leader created which can be photographed? Can a graphic designer capture the information and create something visually engaging?

3) Sit down with all team members involved in creating this educational piece to discuss how to best to present the information and reasonable expectations for the frequency of how often this can be done, how it will be promoted and future topics to discuss.

Whether it’s a polished project or something shot on someone’s camera phone, use your creativity to give it excitement.

Remember, If it’s interesting to you, it may be interesting to others.