Digital Influence Weekly – Don’t Ad, Don’t Ad, Don’t Facebook Ad So Close to Me



You can now edit your comments on Facebook! Rather than deleting your comments, as one would be forced to do in the event that you were embarrassed by it, there is now an option to edit it. However, this still doesn’t prevent someone from creating a screen-grab of what you wrote before it gets edited. So please continue to review content on Facebook (and anywhere else) prior to posting. 

And now the Digital Influence Weekly…

Digital Influencer

Have you tried Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories before? Serving as a source of revenue for Facebook, Sponsored Stories are ads that show up on Facebook alerting you to the fact that a friend has also liked this item. Hopefully, this would cause you to like the Sponsored Story as well. 

You can imagine how this might be embarrassing if Facebook is telling your friends that you like something that might generally be embarrassing and you don’t commonly discuss. Your privacy settings may not be quite as up to snuff as you believed, and know your friends, family and possibly clients know that you went to Comicon dressed up as your favorite Pokemon character.

Facebook was just given a court-order to provide users with an opt-out option to control which content they choose how companies can highlight the user’s activity. In other words, I can choose whether or not my friends, family and possibly clients can see my connection in a Sponsored Story about dressing up like Pokemon characters at Comicon…. Not that that’s something I do.

If you use Sponsored Stories you may see a drop in engagement as people begin using the opt-out option. This can be replaced by asking your existing fans to share your company’s status updates. Actually say, “Please share this!” You’re just asking a favor from people who like you already. 

Have you used Sponsored Stories? Was it successful for you?