Digital Influence Weekly – Does Facebook Advertising Ad Up?



Does your social networking preference accurately determine your political leanings? This infograph highlighting research based on Facebook LIKES of social networks helps you decide who you are most likely to vote for. While the results and methodology are incredibly skewed, it gives you something to think about. What does your social network preference say about you? Are you one of the 18 percent of men on Pinterest? Do you rely on LinkedIn more than Twitter for power-networking? Are you a nerd or professional or both online?

And now, the Digital Influence Weekly…

Digital Influencer

The BBC recently conducted an experiment to determine the value of Facebook LIKES that come through Facebook advertising. Using Facebook ads, one can target very specific demographics to attract attention and engagement from Facebook users. 

BBC claims the LIKES are of no value as they come from fake or questionable Facebook accounts, thereby adding no value to the rising number of likes. In their experiment, they created a fake business page and began advertising for it. The immediately accumulated around 1,600 LIKES from teen profiles most of whom are from Cairo. When this was brought to Facebook’s attention, they pointed out that the ad did not take advantage of the demographic targeting, which would aid in attracting the fake profiles. Facebook admits that 5-6 percent of profiles are fake.

Does this mean advertising on Facebook doesn’t work overall? Not necessarily.Forbes recently reported on the positive impact that Facebook ads have on increasing the likelihood of someone making a purchase from a brand. This was determined in a report from Facebook and Neilson. However, a recent Reuterspoll shows that ads and engagement aren’t affective. 

Whose research do you believe? One thing I keep pondering is if the advertisers had their goals fully thought out. Was their goal to get more LIKES? Was it to direct people to the point of purchase online or in stores? Was it to showcase the business or a particular product? Was it to highlight a special event or sponsorship? These things have to be determined before any advertising or social media communications plan is put in to action. Use Facebook ads at your own discretion.