NASA Johnson Space Center

Mission-Critical Communications Training

When NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston was looking for a partner to provide best practices in media relations training, including both mission-specific employees and staff in its External Relations office, they turned to Pierpont.

Working with NASA experts, Pierpont developed a comprehensive and engaging one-day Crisis Management and Risk Communication training program. Using specific, customized scenarios and interactive classroom training, the program prepared participants to proactively tell NASA’s story as well as communicate effectively in a crisis situation following NASA’s established procedures.

In addition to the comprehensive training, a specialized training module was produced to prepare NASA flight surgeons to talk with global media about the astronauts’ health after they return to Earth following a lengthy stay onboard the space station.

Going forward, the training curriculum can be used as an introduction for new NASA Johnson Space Center employees, as well as a refresher course for more experienced team members.