Uber | Rides into Houston

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Introducing Innovation into the Transportation Industry: Popular ride-sharing service Uber hit a few speed bumps when trying to enter the Houston market in 2013. In Houston, established taxi and black car service companies put up a fight, concerned that Uber’s competitive business model would give the company an unfair advantage over other vehicle-for-hire services.


Uber partnered with local experts, including Pierpont’s government affairs team to educate and influence the Houston City Council that Uber deserved a piece of the ride-sharing pie. Pierpont participated in a year-long battle with the taxi and livery service industry in an effort to gain approval for Uber to operate legally in Houston.


In August 2014, Houston City Council approved the new paid ride rules and amendments to allow companies like Uber to enter the Houston market. Pierpont played an instrumental role in this success by educating council members about the Uber business model and how the service would benefit Houston, and by dispelling some of the negative myths perpetuated by the taxi lobby. Simultaneously, Pierpont provided social media strategy and counsel. 

In addition, Pierpont helped Uber develop a strategic, comprehensive, and creative brief that the company continues to use worldwide when entering new markets.